Dhiraj Balakrishnan

Software Engineer

Goals 2023

Posted at — Jan 1, 2023

Goals that I wish to accomplish by 2023


1. Get to Ideal Weight

Thanks to my sedentary lifestyle, I am currently 10 Kg overweight. I wish to get fit this year by working out often and taking short walks to improve my metabolism.

2. Follow the two-day rule for Meditation

I tried my hand at Meditation last year and have experienced the benefits of it. This year as an extension, I wish to be consistent with it.

3. Double my investment portfolio

This goal is a placeholder to remind me to remain consistent with my investments. The SIPs are ready. Let’s do this.

4. Create two additional income sources

The ultimate goal is to make more money in passive income than my salary. This goal is just a step in that direction.

5. Read 15 books this year

I had the same goal last year, and I completed it. I am increasing the difficulty this time by adding more academic books.

6. Learn Video Editing

I have always wanted to create content. Video editing will help me create more content.

7. Learn Poster Designing

Same as above, I believe poster designing will help me create more content.

8. Learn to cook five dishes

I wish to get better at my cooking skills. Adding five more dishes to my list.

9. Travel to 3 new places

I wish to explore more southern parts of India. I will travel more in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka.